Our Personality

Enthusiastic Individuals

Our brand reflects our people – a welcoming, outgoing, energetic and unique team with bundles of character and drive. The soul of the party, we’re always at the heart of the action. We love what we do, we care about the clients we work with, and we’re passionate about connecting people who can do brilliant things together. We bring empathy, sensitivity and curiosity to every relationship, always doing our best to understand people, and give them what they need to thrive.

Our Team

Micah Styles

Founder & Director

Angelique Fin Du Croisy

Chief People Officer

Andy Nicholson

Chief Experience Officer

Abdalla Elmalah

Projects Assistant

Aleksandra Braska

Country Manager - Qatar

Amna Bajwa

Project Coordinator

Amy Borchard

Innovation Manager

Areeba Waseem

Researcher and Graphic Designer

Carlton Gajadhar

Excellence Manager

Courage Chiraswa

Recruitment Coordinator

Ethar Osman

Administrative Assistant

Ewa Moult


Faatimah Asvat

Wellness Programmer

Firas Cheik El Ard

Recruitment Coordinator

Francesca Styles

Wellbeing Coordinator

Garima Sachdeva

Associate Recruitment Consultant

Hydi Amro

Operations Manager

Ina Bilkova

Project Manager

Inayat Patel

Project Coordinator

Jessica Munuera

Business Development & Communications Manager

Lubna Alchehabe

Lead Graphic Designer

Maha El Youmni

Project Coordinator

Nanae Nomura

Business Manager

Pascale Mallouk


Rania Moussa

Recruitment Manager

Sahar Ala-Eddin

Executive Assistant

Sanad Jaber

Human Resources Manager

Wissam Kadaa

Finance Manager

Yohan Munuera

Fusion Recruitment Coordinator

Zainab Badri

Social Media & Marketing Coordinator