Who We Are

Energized employees, One of a kind experiences

BLR WORLD connects culture, entertainment and events with brilliant individuals to bring unique experiences to life.

The talent partner for unique experiences.

We are an award-winning consultancy for the culture, entertainment and events sectors, enabling organizations to plan, staff and run amazing experiences with the best people.

Our Audience

Forward-thinking cultural organizations.

We work with culture, entertainment and events organizations of all sizes who need to bring an experience to life. They recognize that brilliant experiences start with motivated, happy staff. And they want to work with the best to find, train and manage the right people.

Talented professionals

We work with talented people, with a diverse range of backgrounds, experiences and perspectives in the hospitality and cultural industries. They’re looking for an energizing, supportive employer who will open up new opportunities for them, give them the training they need to excel, and the community to connect with like minded professionals.

Our Worldwide Locations

  • Dubai Office
  • London Office
  • Doha Office
  • Riyadh Office
  • Paris Office
  • Tokyo Office